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Twitter the little blue bird changing the world

November 24, 2008, Microsoft, Malvern Minimize

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We have some great meetings lined up for the next few months. Please take a look at the upcoming schedule on the web site.

November 24 7th Anniversary Party Featuring "15 Minutes of Fame"

Malvern, PA

Apex Systems

Our monthly meeting will be held at the Microsoft Greater PA Office in Malvern, PA on Monday, November 24 from 5:30-8:30. We have a special format planned. There will be 10 presenters each doing a 15 minute session covering one of their favorite .NET topics. We will close with a panel discussion with all presenters. There will be no break this night, but food and drink will be available throughout the evening. Refreshments are provided courtesy of Apex Systems. Please register on our web site.  Detailed directions are on the Microsoft Greater PA web site.
5:30 Bill Wolff, Unisys Corporation Silverlight Toolkit November 2008 Overview 5:45 Mark Magliocco, Consultant Twitter the little blue bird changing the world
Bill Wolff Silverlight 2.0 is officially released and the rich internet application game is on. Microsoft released a series of custom controls and themes at PDC. See how these are used. Mark Magliocco Twitter is sweeping the nation changing the way people interact. Everything is affected including politics ( Obama has 125k followers). One of the best ways to watch the debates was to search twitter and see realtime comments. All the major News networks are on board Cnn, NYT etc. Of course one of the major trends is using twitter to organize our social lives and priorities. We will quickly review the basics of Web and mobile Clients and review the api. With the integration of GPS, Twitter has enormous application potential. We will write a short Tweet( Status update) Via the api. You can follow me @markmag come join the revolution.
6:00 Edwin Ames How to Write a Self-Testing Codebase 6:15 Steve Andrews Intro to jQuery
Edwin Ames

In 15 minutes you'll see how to create a codebase which is easy to change: "Red, Green, Refactor". A new tool for talking to stakeholders. It's basically a fast overview of Test-Driven and Behavior-Driven development.

Steve Andrews A quick look at jQuery for ASP.NET developers.
6:30 Travis LaBorde, TelerX SVN 6:45 Jeffrey Fritz Asp.Net Session Management Improvements and Insights
Travis LaBorde  SVN is a free source control repository (like VSS but "better"). Using it is pretty different from using VSS even though a lot of the concepts are the same. 15 minutes should be enough to demonstrate getting it installed, and how to use the basic features. Jeffrey Fritz Every Asp.Net developer has run into this problem... You're storing information in session, and after some time, you have NO idea what exactly is going on in there, and how to configure it to scale up as your organization needs to. We'll take a quick look at the Asp.Net session provider object and show how you can re-use some of your session data to provide dashboard information about the current status of your web site.
7:00 Danilo Diaz, Microsoft On Cloud 9 7:15 JP Toto ALT.NET Foundation Series
Dani Diaz Are you trying to understand cloud computing? Are sure about Azure? In this talk we will discuss why cloud computing is needed and why developers should care. We will also talk about Windows Azure, Microsoft’s entry into this space; and analyze the differences between Windows Azure and Azure Services. JP Toto, ClearPoint Technology Beginning in 2009 Philly ALT.NET will be kicking off a new series of talks focused on software craftsmanship, best practices, and design patterns. The talks will NOT be focused on tools but rather will be concentrating on building better developers. Topics will cover object oriented principles and best practices, continuous integration, test driven development, and a focus on fundamental skills that help build the best possible software artists. Go beyond drag and drop! Take your skills to the next level!
7:30 Andy Schwam, Consultant Compiled Queries with LINQ to SQL 7:45 Marc Ziss, ZConsulting The new ASP.NET ListView and what it can do for you
Andy Schwam LINQ to SQL is a great addition to your development toolkit. It can take a lot of the pain out of data access. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned with performance. Using LINQ to SQL compiled queries is one way to make your applications faster and, in addition, they are easy to work with! Marc Ziss  In the most recent version of ASP.NET Microsoft introduced a new data control that allows for a great deal of flexibility and power. Because of the vast number of improvements and new features in .NET 3.5 the introduction of this new control has not garnered much attention; however in this quick session we will do a quick run through of some of the unique features of the ListView control.
8:00 Panel discussion with all presenters
8:30 Closing & Raffle! Books, software, and other goodies!